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2014   TRIPPED First solo painting exhibition by Andry Christofidi,      following comments on her work:



, “At an earlier stage attempted to bridge art through reuse reasoning. In this exhibition titled ‘Tripped’ the concern for the environment fainteth not but focuses mainly on the destruction by humans. Through colour stories, highlights the sequence victimizer (man) - which victim chooses to present on a two-dimensional canvas. She uses mixed media, drawing, colour and fabric where the material is the GUIDELINE defining the theme. Projects dominated by large coloured surfaces that encompass and enhance the design representations of people and objects, stressing even MORE content, while the collage personally embossed depiction of things.’’

Dr. Tonia Loizou, Art Historian

An ongoing project,

looking to express kindness, love

and respect to our-self and our planet EARTH

through digital illustration and digital collage art.

is an ongoing project spanning to-date

on four Solo Jewellery Exhibitions:


2009   the artist gives new identity to materials whose life cycle has come to an end such as old newspaper and vintage buttons collected to the piece.


2010   the exhibition is titled "Oh! Where have all the flowers gone.." inspired by the 50s' song, seeking to bring out the artist's sensitive response to the natural environment mixing reused materials with small toys.

2011   "Dry Air Fly" showcases the artist's surrealistic view of a sad cosmos; this time not only the natural environment plays fundamental role in her inspiration but also the passive role of the society that populates this. Each piece was named as a way to intricate the perception of the observator in order to become an eco-friend.

2015   "art is where you go... and carries what you have" promotes the idea of carrying art on a metaphorical and literal manner, as a way of exploring the relationship between the object and the carrier.

An ongoing project, since 2014, 

looking to make people part of it:


A three-dimensional art object becomes functional to people and engages art. The first of-fence bag was proposed to replace plastic shopping bags; it was interesting to actually see people becoming part of this project to help the environment in one way and to also be part of art.


 It is much more interesting now that we see people engaging the art project in their own routines; of-fence bags are now multi-functional because you chose to bring them with you wherever you go!

An ongoing project, since 2015, 

aiming to spread a wish through people:

#bringlight_intoyourlife” is the title of the urban public art work of the artist, where small art objects made out of reused materials find place in public spaces of various cities. Each piece has the shape of a bulb and carries encrypted on timber a positive and honest wish; Bring light into your life. The aim is to spread the wish to the public.

On a following event, the project takes place in Europe Square, Larnaca, where an educational program runs on the public square. Children are called to create there own crafted bulbs made of recycled materials and decorate the public Square bring the wish alive once again.


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